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Construction activities

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Clervaux prepares,

We cannot ignore it, something is indeed changing in our climate.

This also results in weather extremes in our immediate vicinity.

Heavy rainfall is also part of this and the municipality of Clervaux is responding to this.

Overflow basins are being built at three different locations to handle large amounts of water without flooding or flushing everything away.

Good developments that will certainly ensure we can keep our feet dry on the campsite in the future. There are already two basins approaching finalisation, one in the city centre and one at the very end of our street.  But in between, the third one has to come and that is at our campsite. Of course, we would have preferred them to come up with another place for that but there was no such possibility.

Now we do not expect huge inconvenience, in the sense that there will not be much noise, but we do lose a piece of camping until the basin is completely finished. A separate entrance has been created for the entire construction work, and no construction vehicles will pass through the campsite. That entrance is at pitch 5/6. That corner of the campsite is closed off, starting at pitch 4 and then a straight line to the water. The Panewippchen mobile home has been given a new nice place at pitch 10. A lot of people won't notice anything but we would like to communicate everything clearly to our guests. Better to know this in advance than on arrival, we think.

It's a construction project that is not in our hands, which means we can't say how long it will take and how far the developments are. Of course, the company that is working on it and the municipality try to keep us informed as much as possible but we understand that this is not always possible in all cases. The main holiday is from 25 July to 18 August, during this period there are no construction activities.

If you have further questions about this, you can always email or call us.

We hope to have brought you all up-to-date and look forward to seeing you all again in 2024 to offer you an unforgettable holiday in our beautiful Clervaux.