Bussar - 6 persoons Mobilhome Bussar

Mobil-homes and tariffs

Mobile homes for 2, 4 of 6 persons

You're a nature enthusiast, but dislike giving up your creature comforts during holidays?

Our mobile-homes for 2, 4 and 6 people are just right for you. These mobile homes are fully equipped to ensure comfort and functionality. Hob, fridge, dishwasher, coffee machine senseo, microwave oven - everything is here!

The bedroom is separated from the living room space by virtue of a lockable door. Included in the accommodation is a set of bedding and towels proffered by Camping Clervaux. Modern campers need not fear about losing touch with their online community: the Mobile home comes with TV and free Wifi access with coverage that extends throughout the entirety of the campgrounds. Pets are allowed only in mobile homes for 2 persons and one of the 4 persons.

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  • Panewippchen - 4 person Mobilhome Panewippchen
  • Dommendéck - 4 person Mobilhome Dommendéck
  • Bussar - 6 person Mobilhome Bussar