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We open the gate

Start phase 2!
That sounds fantastic! Starting May 11, there will be something more possible in many countries. So will it be in Luxembourg. Shops will be open again, outdoor sports without physical contact such as tennis and golf will start again, we can move freely and we can even visit each other again, with a maximum of 6 people and with a mouth mask. Museums will open again, including the open air museum "Robbesscheier" in Munshausen.
Not only Luxembourg, but also Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium relax the measures.
The question you all want to ask now, "Will the campsite open"? The answer is YES.
We are very happy that we can say yes we will open the gate again next week Wednesday May 20th.
We have taken the necessary measures and we can let you all enjoy our beautiful place here again.
What is important to know is that it is allowed to drive through Belgium. From the Netherlands you must be able to show a reservation in case of a check. That of course you can show valid passports or ID cards and that you have a mouth mask at hand for everyone in the car. Bring enough of these with you because the mouth mask is mandatory in Luxembourg at any time if you cannot guarantee the 2 meters distance to your nearest person.
We also advise you to obtain information yourself. It is important to drive through Belgium without stopping. If you come via France you will need to gather the necessary information.
We would like anyone who has the plan to come to us to inform us. We can mail you a reservation confirmation in French which will be a lot easier in case of a check in Belgium or France. So don't come to us yet without announcing it, that way we can keep on dosing it on the campsite.

The indoor playground will remain closed for the time being.
You are and will remain responsible at all times.
Call or mail us especially if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.
Hope to see you soon!